Science-based sports nutrition counseling and fitness coaching.

We work with a diverse clientele of professional competitors as well as dedicated non-professional athletes of all ages and fitness levels.

How committed are we to getting you RESULTS?


(Actually, more! 110%! .. er, how high does this thing go?)

Founded in 2011 by Stacey England, PBF has worked with professional and non-professional athletes from MMA, crossfit, basketball, football, cycling, swimming, Ironman, Marathon athletes, bodybuilding, and extreme fitness. We also coach student athletes, families, and individuals who share the goal of improving their health and physical appearance.

PBF also works closely with doctors, natural paths, and labs to help better analyze what is going on with our clients when it comes to genetic food sensitivities, hormones, and the digestive system.

We prefer to keep a close relationship with our clients and check in with them weekly or more.  With the creation and development of our state of the art mobile app software, we are able to communicate with clients on a new level and alter their training/nutrition plans asap if needed.