Have you ever been just plugging away at the gym and feeling like you’re working hard and eating pretty good. But the problem is nothing is happening. You become frustrated. You kick up the workouts even more and then you decide to stop eating carbs. A few months later still nothing has happened and you have even gained some weight. You decide you’re going to work out harder and longer. Then you decrease your calories even more most likely cutting your fat intake. Your excited because you see an initial drop in weight. But then a few weeks later your weights back up. A couple months later its up even more. Your frustrated, tired, ready to throw in the towel. The best thing you could have done was consult with a professional in the beginning. Someone that can guide you in a safe and healthy manner that yields the results you desire.

But what’s happening here is hormone burnout. Your metabolism is at rock bottom and your hormones are all over the place.

For some it’s hard to believe that working your butt off in the gym and eating 1000-1300 calories could be the wrong thing. It is so easy to believe that working out is synonymous with losing weight, and the idea that more is better and bring more results. But your workout routine could be actually working against your weight loss efforts. Especially if you are already in a stressed-out state to begin with.

Exercise is a stress on the body, plain and simple. When the body is stressed it works hard to protect itself. It tries to adapt and prepare for fight or flight. Muscle tissue will be torn, cardiovascular tissue will be taxed, as well as respiratory tissue, adrenal glands will work over time, and stress hormones will be produced. The body will be asked to perform tasks at a higher rate and speed than in normal everyday life. Here comes the problems.

This is becoming more and more common in our society. Our food is changing, we are exposed to more chemicals, and lots of people are overly stressed. Hormonal imbalances are becoming more common because of this. Symptoms can vary from person to person. When any one hormone is out of balance it will affect the others. Your hormones all work together as one unit.

Symptoms of a hormonal imbalance are varied and wide. As with any medical condition if you are experiencing several of the following symptoms, I would suggest you consider consulting with a naturalpath or other qualified health care practitioner.


Symptoms can range from:

• Acne
• Weight Gain
• Lowered Libido
• Irregular Menstrual Cycles (women)
• Poor Sleeping Habits
• Hair Loss
• Irregular Hair Growth
• PMS (women)
• Missed Periods or heavy periods (women)
• Mood Imbalances
• Forgetfulness
• Achy muscles

The key here is taking time for rest and recovery and knowing what is helping you versus what is harming you. Excessive cardio, weight lifting, low calories, and too little recovery time doesn’t give your body a chance to fully repair, heal and create a new foundation. When your hormones are imbalanced it gets even tougher and your body can break down.
The best thing you can do if your hormones are out of balance is prepare a healthy eating plan, along with moderate exercise and consult with a trained professional who can help guide you in the right direction.

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