Probody Fitness Coach: Mike Miller

Mike Miller started his fitness journey at 8 years old. He received his first gym membership at Figure Fitness World in Temple, TX. While learning his way around a gym Mike was mentored by Jeff Shaw (8X Mr. Texas) and Dale Fetzer (4X Master’s Texas Champion). They helped him to begin his journey to the bodybuilder that he is today. In Mike’s senior year of high school, he suffered a major shoulder injury while playing on his high school football team. This resulted in 6 months of physical therapy and strength training. Mike’s doctor set a goal with him to have him compete in his first bodybuilding show as part of his recovery. In 1992, he competed in his first show and as the youngest competitor and took a top 5 placing against other competitors much older. The following year Mike competed again and received the teenage Texas title. Bodybuilding has always been his biggest passion.

While he was in the air force after high school Mike was commissioned by the commander of the base to build nutritional plans and exercise plans for those who needed help in order to pass the conditioning tests to remain in the service. This resulted in the members of his team passing their tests and losing the weight and meeting the necessary requirements.

Mike has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. He owned and operated two Max Muscle Sports Nutrition stores and ran those for several years. He went on to Work at MTL Fitness as the Corporate Wellness Advisor as well as owning and operating his own coaching business ProBody Fitness. Mike worked closely with the scientific team to help design the reporting process used to interpret the DNA Fitness/ Nutrition test. As clients purchased their test Mike helped them to use the test to understand what they needed to do in order for their body to reach optimal health. Mike helped clients all over the world to reach their goals. Most recently Mike competed at one of the largest bodybuilding shows in the world the Ferrigno Legacy where he placed 4th in a very competitive class.

Mike has been mentored by Legends in the Sport. He has worked with Robby Robinson who was in Pumping Iron with Lou Ferrigno. IFBB Pro Judge Tad the Diet Coach Inoue. Mike has built lasting friendships with many of the bodybuilding legends. All of them help to motivate each other to be the best at what they do. For this reason, he has 20 yrs experience in the sport and many tools to help people to reach their goals.

Mike’s passion is to help others through motivation and education. Everyone has the ability to achieve their goals. Mike has coaching style that is built with love and positive mindset. The mind shapes who we are and who we can become.