Probody Fitness Coach: Stacey England Miller

Stacey England Miller has been in the fitness industry for over 16 years. She started out as a private personal trainer, working with clients in their homes. She went on to run a successful health and fitness blog, THE HEALTHY LIFE, and was hired to write for the health division at FOODBUZZ. Later Stacey went on to open two Max Muscle franchises in Vancouver, WA, where she worked with countless clients, customizing meal plans and coaching clients weekly to reach their fitness goals. During the first year with the franchise one of Stacey’s clients Ingri DeGroote entered the companies Maxformation weight loss challenge for a chance to win $25,000. Ingri placed in the top5 out of 3,000 contestants. Ingri went on to be part of Max Muscle’s nationwide marketing campaign and was featured in major publications such as Max Sports and Fitness, Shape, and Fitness RX. Stacey’s second year with the company she had 5 clients enter the challenge. Out of the top 10 contestants chosen all 5 of Stacey’s clients made it and her location made history for the first store ever to have that many clients in the top 10 from one location.

With a growing coaching business Stacey left Max Muscle and started her own business, ProBody Fitness with her husband. This gave them both the opportunity to take their coaching to a bigger platform and add personal training/custom workouts to the options. ProBody fitness now has clients across the world and works with a wide variety of clients including military members, fitness competitors, triathletes, Ironman, power lifters, Spartan competitors, and CrossFit competitors. During this time Stacey also begun working at MTL Fitness as the Corporate Wellness Advisor. At MTL Stacey provided coaching to clients who had taken the companies Fitness + Nutrition DNA Genetic Test. Stacey provided DNA interpretation and built custom workout plans and nutritional plans for clients. Because of the success with clients at ProBody Fitness and MTL Fitness Stacey was featured on the morning show AM NORTHWEST.

Stacey’s journey started with learning how to workout in a gym and make healthy choices with food. It was a LONG journey of figuring things out on her own. “I wish back then I would have had someone like a coach to lead the way. To teach me about my own body and what works best for me to get the best results”. Stacey believes in setting the standard of health and fitness for her clients and herself. She believes that it is a lifestyle and we must have balance and sustainability to be successful long term. By using scientific research to coach her clients and working very closely with them this helps them be more successful long term. Stacey works to ensure they are reaching their goals and enjoying the process along the way. She is passionate about what she does and is always striving to set that example for her clients through the efforts of her own nutrition and workouts.