I started working with Stacey England in September 2014 with the goal of competing in a bikini bodybuilding competition. I started out close to 30% body fat and knew we had a lot of work to do but that I was in good hands with Stacey once she went over how the process was going to work. She was also very patient with me and the 500 questions I asked every single week. I never doubted her, I just wanted to understand what we were doing and how it was going to benefit me. Stacey was always happy to give me an explanation and it definitely helped me feel more confident that I was on the right track to reach my goal. I never had any extreme food restrictions, severe calorie cuts or ever influenced to take supplements to “speed up” the process. My long-term health and wellbeing was always top priority! Because of that, I have been able to maintain the physique and lifestyle that I had desired for so long!

Danielle Hite

I have been addicted to fad diets since high school, constantly yo-yoing for years. I never thought I was “fat”, but I’ve also never been confident or genuinely happy with the way I looked. I was convinced to try this program, telling myself it would be the last time. And as it turns out, it will be the last time because this amazing team has given me a program that works and I have never been happier with myself. I have seen such remarkable, true changes in my mind and body in just the first 6 weeks. The team is so wonderful, always answering my questions quickly and working with my crossfit competitions and crazy nursing schedule. I hope anyone out there who is tired of the fad diets and constant self hate to will turn towards this motivating, accommodating and genuine group of people.

Cari Hulsey

My life completely changed when I met Stacey and Mike. They taught me how to fuel my body to get the results I desired. When my body stopped responding, Stacey changed my food intake and upped my food, then in two days I dropped several pounds and body fat. Having Stacey and Mike on my team was what took my body to the next level. I reached my goal plus so much more. I am forever grateful for them.

Ingrid DeGroote