We make all of our protein in 2-5 day serving batches.  Depending on the type of meat, some will keep fresh longer than others.  Fish we cook every night for the next day.  Steak, chicken, ground turkey, and turkey breast 2-4 days’ worth.


We make ALL of our carbs on Sunday’s.  This is usually a base of white rice, brown rice, sweet potatoes, and baby red potatoes.  This varies depending on our meal plan and goals.


I like my veggies fresh and crunchy.  We buy a wide variety of veggies from bell peppers, kale, asparagus, cucumber, zucchini, green beans, Brussel sprouts and such.  We like lots of big salads with a mix of vegetables and stir fry’s.  My newest favorite thing is cauliflower rice, you can find this at Trader Joes, and it is so versatile.

Now that we have our staple items ready to go we can make meals on the fly or prep all of our lunches and snacks for the week. We eat a majority of our meals outside of the house.  It’s very important to plan ahead and pack our food.  Planning is KEY to SUCCESS!!!!  We eat our breakfast at home and last snack of the day also before bed.  The rest is consumed after our workout and while at work.  I like to season my food pretty heavy to give it some flavor.  I also like to use veggies to add volume to my meals while staying within my macros.  

We try to get as much of a variety of nutrients in our meals throughout the week as we can.  Once a week we have a pre-planned “TREAT MEAL” to enjoy some things that are more on the naughty side.  The key to any plan is to have balance and stay consistent.  We stick to eating nutrient dense foods 95% of the time so that the other 5% we can live it up and experience the culinary flavors of food.