Disney is the land of money spending. No one goes there without dropping a LOT of money. But there are ways to make your hard earned cash go even further.

My family is avid Disneyland goers. Who doesn’t love the Happiest Place on Earth!? Disneyland may appear to be expensive. But we have found a lot of great ways to make it a budget friendly family destination.

Buy your hotel and airfare early
The closer you get to your travel date the more the price goes up, especially in peak seasons. Also there are 3 nearby airports. Compare prices to see which one has the best deal.

Travel during the off peak seasons
Fall is one of our favorite times to go. The temperature is mild, the lines are shorter, and you will probably see Halloween decorations, Christmas decorations, or a little of both depending on when you are there.

Start saving 6-12 months before your trip
Set your budget, divide it by your timeline, and put money in an envelope labeled Disneyland weekly.

Help your kids save for the trip so they have their own money to spend
This will ensure you are not wasting money on things they don’t really need. They can spend their money on the things they ACTUALLY find important/want. Help them do this by also starting an envelope 6-12 months before the trip. Putting half of their allowance weekly in the envelope is a great option. It gives them something to work towards and teaches them budgeting.

Stay in a condo or a hotel with free breakfast
Having the ability to eat meals where you are staying cuts down on the eating out spending. We always stay at a condo when we travel so we can cook. This helps us to eat healthier and save money. A quick trip to the grocery store on day one of our trip ensures we have enough healthy food for snacks and breakfast.

Eat outside of Disneyland when coming and leaving the park daily
There are lots of restaurants and quick places just outside the gate.

Pack snacks, sandwiches, and reusable water bottles
A good backpack will come in very handy.

Buy your Disney apparel and accessories before arriving at Disneyland
This alone with save you 50%. You can order on Etsy or at the Disney store at your local mall. Save some things for surprises during the trip.

Maximize your time at the park
Crowds are less in the morning and evening. It’s worth it to get up early, take a mid-day break when the park is crowded, and come back in the evening.